Women Producing & Directing in Hollywood: Meg LeFauve, Linda Goldstein-Knowlton & Kristin Hahn

TV Diversity

It has been a while since I conducted what was my first round table interview with these incredible women. I learned so much in the process – about women working in Hollywood, how to conduct an interview with more than one subject (having more than one camera is really important in this circumstance) and so much more.

Dana Hayes who has recently joined the 2nd Sex & 7th Art team did an incredible job editing together a short video of the nuggets of knowledge they shared.

There was so much in this interview and she managed to give it focus and tie it into what has happened since – the #HireTheseWomen campaign and the new media attention focused on the subject of the lack of female directors.

And now the EEOC is looking into things… will the game change?

Abigail Zealey Bess & Weird Sisters: My Lesson in Networking

I met Abigail through a friend (Bryant Martin who since introducing me to Abigail I have had the pleasure of directing in two short films, one of which he produced). I sat down with her for much longer than either of us anticipated and had a wonderful interview with her. Subsequently she introduced me to Susanna Styron with whom I also had an incredible interview. Oh the power of networking. I have never been very good at it but this project has taught me how it can work and be a positive not a selfish force. It seems only appropriate that this should be my first short interview edited by someone other than me. JC Scruggs took on the footage and wove it into this lovely little video. Enjoy!