Bite-sized blog post: Shirley Clarke

Shirley Clarke

SHIRLEY CLARKE began her career as a dancer and choreographer and used those skills as a filmmaker.

Her first feature The Connection (1962) was based on the play by Jack Gelber about heroine addicted jazz musicians, shot in the cinematic realism style of the 1960s Clarke was one of the directors breaking ground in a new style of cinema.

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Where to watch her films:



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FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 1985Ornette: Made in America (Documentary)
 1983The Box (Short)
 1982Performance (Short)
 1982Tongues (Video short)
 1981Savage/Love (Short)
 1980A Visual Diary (Short)
 1978One-2-3 (Video short)
 1978Trans (Video short)
 1967Portrait of Jason (Documentary)
 1960Skyscraper (Short documentary)
 1958Bridges-Go-Round (Short)
 1957Brussels Loops (Short)
 1956Moment in Love (Short)
 1955Bullfight (Short)
 1954In Paris Parks (Short)
 1953Dance in the Sun (Short)

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