Bite-sized blog post: Barbara Hammer

Barbara Hammer

Born in Hollywood BARBARA HAMMER’s grandfather was a cook for D.W.Griffith and she went on to direct experimental films exploring gender roles.

She has directed over forty films and videos and is considered among the first to create lesbian themed work in the United States.

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Where to watch her films:

PURCHASE DVDs on her website


Read more about her:


HAMMER!: Making Movies Out of Sex and Life by Barbara Hammer


Find her on Twitter
Her Website
Inside Out 2015 Women Directors: Meet Barbara Hammer – ‘Welcome to This House, a Film on Elizabeth Bishop’
Creative Capital

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2015Welcome to this House (Documentary)
 2011Maya Deren’s Sink (Video documentary short)
 2010/IIGenerations (Documentary)
 2007Diving Women of Jeju-do (Video documentary short)
 2007Fucking Different New York (segment “Villa Serbolloni”)
 2003Resisting Paradise (Documentary)
 2000History Lessons (Documentary)
 1998The Female Closet (Documentary)
 1996Tender Fictions (Documentary)
 1995Out in South Africa (Documentary)
 1992Nitrate Kisses (Documentary)
 1991Vital Signs (Short)
 1990Sanctus (Short)
 1989Hot Flash
 1989Still Point (Short)
 1988Endangered (Short)
 1987Place Mattes (Short)
 1986Snow Job
 1985Optic Nerve (Short)
 1985Tourist (Short)
 1984Parisian Blinds (Short)
 1983Bent Time (Short)
 1982Pond and Waterfall (Short)
 1981Pools (Short)
 1979Dream Age
 1979Women I Love (Short)
 1978Double Strength (Documentary short)
 1978Sappho (Short)
 1976Multiple Orgasm (Short)
 1974Dyketactics (Short)
 1974Sisters! (Documentary short)
 1973A Gay Day (Short)

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