Bite-sized blog post: Brenda Chapman

Brenda Chapman at the World Premiere of BRAVE and the Grand Opening of the Dolby Theatre, part of the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival, June 18, 2012, Hollywood, California. Photo Credit Sue Schneider_MGP Agency

BRENDA CHAPMAN was the first woman to direct an animated feature for a studio with Dreamworks’ Prince of Egypt (1998).

She co-directed Pixar’s Brave (2012) making her also the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

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AMAZON (Streaming)



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Female Director of Pixar’s ‘Brave’ on Being Replaced by a Man: ‘It Was Devastating’
‘Brave’ Director Brenda Chapman Says Animation Is “Run By A Boys Club” & Weighs In On ‘Frozen’ Controversy
When the glass ceiling crashed on Brenda Chapman

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):


Bite-sized blog post: Eleanor Coppola

Eleanor Coppola

ELEANOR COPPOLA, may be married to one of the most famous directors alive, but she is also an artist and director in her own right. She directed the Emmy nominated Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse (1991) about the making of Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now (1979).

She recently directed her first narrative fiction film Paris Can Wait now in post-production.

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AMAZON (Streaming)



Read more about her:


Notes: The Making of Apocalypse Now by Eleanor Coppola


Eleanor Coppola on Hearts of Darkness
New York Times Book Review
Paris Can Wait Website

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2007Coda: Thirty Years Later (TV Movie documentary)
 1996A Visit to China’s Miao Country (Documentary short)
 1991Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse (Documentary) (documentary footage)

Bite-sized blog post: Lesli Linka Glatter

Leslie Linka Glatter

LESLI LINKA GLATTER was a graduate of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women in 1984 and went on to Academy Award nominations and Emmy wins.

On Homeland Glatter was not only a regular director but also a producer.

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AMAZON (Streaming)



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‘Homeland’ Exec Producer Lesli Linka Glatter on TV Diversity: Nothing’s Changed in 25 Years
Huffington Post

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

Six (TV Mini-Series) (2 episodes) (filming)

Episode #1.2 (2017)
Pilot (2017)

 2012-2015Homeland (TV Series) (13 episodes)

A False Glimmer (2015)
Oriole (2015)
Long Time Coming (2014)
Shalwar Kameez (2014)
The Drone Queen (2014)
The Star (2013)
Still Positive (2013)

 2013-2015Ray Donovan (TV Series) (2 episodes)

New Birthday (2013)

 2014The Leftovers (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2013Masters of Sex (TV Series) (1 episode)

Fallout (2013)

 2012-2013The Newsroom (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Willie Pete (2013)

 2013Justified (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Hatchet Tour (2013)

 2013The Walking Dead (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Suicide King (2013)

 2012Last Resort (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2012Nashville (TV Series) (1 episode)

Move It on Over (2012)

 2012Boss (TV Series) (1 episode)

Ablution (2012)

 2010-2012True Blood (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Sunset (2012)
Night on the Sun (2010)

 2012Lauren (TV Series) (3 episodes)

The Suck (2012)
The Third Man (2012)
The Report (2012)

 2010-2012Pretty Little Liars (TV Series) (3 episodes)

unmAsked (2012)
Pilot (2010)
 2011Grace (TV Movie)

 2011The Playboy Club (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2011The Chicago Code (TV Series) (2 episodes)

The Gold Coin Kid (2011) … (as Leslie Linka Glatter)

 2009-2010Lie to Me (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Unchained (2009)

 2007-2010Mad Men (TV Series) (6 episodes)

The Benefactor (2008)
5G (2007)

 2010The Good Wife (TV Series) (1 episode)

Boom (2010)

 2007-2009House M.D. (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Wilson (2009)
The Greater Good (2009)
You Don’t Want to Know (2007) … (as Lesli Glatter)

 2009The Mentalist (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Red Scare (2009)
Crimson Casanova (2009)

 2009Weeds (TV Series) (1 episode)

Su-Su-Sucio (2009)

 2009The Unit (TV Series) (1 episode)

Endgame (2009)

 1995-2008ER (TV Series) (13 episodes)

The High Holiday (2008)
Out on a Limb (2006)
Fear (2004)
Get Carter (2004)
Flight of Fancy (2000)
The Domino Heart (2000)
Vanishing Act (1998)

 2008The Starter Wife (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2008Swingtown (TV Series) (1 episode)

Friends with Benefits (2008) … (as Lesli Glatter)

 2007Journeyman (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2007Heroes (TV Series) (1 episode)

Chapter Five ‘Fight or Flight’ (2007) … (as Lesli Glatter)

 2007Heartland (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2006Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2006The Closer (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Other Woman (2006)

 2006The Evidence (TV Series) (1 episode)

Stringers (2006)

 2002-2006The West Wing (TV Series) (8 episodes)

Impact Winter (2004)
Full Disclosure (2004)
Abu el Banat (2003)
Disaster Relief (2003)
Election Night (2002)

 2005Grey’s Anatomy (TV Series) (1 episode)

Let It Be (2005)

 2005Revelations (TV Mini-Series) (2 episodes)

Hour Six (2005)
Hour Five (2005)

 2005Jonny Zero (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2005Numb3rs (TV Series) (1 episode)

Prime Suspect (2005)

 2005The O.C. (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Family Ties (2005) … (as Lesli Glatter)
 2003Newton (TV Movie)

 2002Presidio Med (TV Series) (1 episode)

Do No Harm (2002)

 2000-2002Gilmore Girls (TV Series) (5 episodes)

Rory’s Dance (2000)
Pilot (2000)
 2002In My Life (TV Movie)
 2001The Big House (TV Movie)

 1999-2001Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Sacrifice (2001)
A Single Life (1999)

 2001Citizen Baines (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Appraisal (2001)

 2001Third Watch (TV Series) (1 episode)

True Love (2001)

 2000Freaks and Geeks (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 1998Buddy Faro (TV Series) (1 episode)

Touched by an Amnesiac (1998) … (as Lesli Glatter)

 1998Brooklyn South (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Gay Avec (1998)

 1996Murder One (TV Series) (1 episode)

Chapter Eighteen (1996)

 1994NYPD Blue (TV Series) (2 episodes)

A Sudden Fish (1994)
 1994State of Emergency (TV Movie)
 1994Birdland (TV Series)
 1993Black Tie Affair (TV Series)

 1992On the Air (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Episode #1.5 (1992)
Episode #1.2 (1992)

 1990-1991Twin Peaks (TV Series) (4 episodes)

Episode #2.16 (1991)
Episode #2.6 (1990)
Episode #2.3 (1990)
Episode #1.6 (1990)

 1990Brewster Place (TV Series) (1 episode)

Gone Fishing (1990)

 1988Vietnam War Story (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Promise (1988)
 1987Into the Homeland (TV Movie)

 1986-1987Amazing Stories (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Without Diana (1987)

Bite-sized blog post: Amma Asante

Amma Asante

AMMA ASANTE was a child actor in England before beginning her behind the camera career writing.

Her first feature film A Way of Life (2004) premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.  In 2005 she received the BAFTA Carl Foreman Award for Special Achievement by a writer/director.

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Where to watch her films:

AMAZON (Streaming)



Read more about her:


Her Website
Find her on Twitter
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NPR Interview

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):


Bite-sized blog post: Lori Precious

Lori Precious

LORI PRECIOUS began her career as a visual artist before moving into directing commercials and has gone on to direct hundreds of them with high profile talent.

She has a narrative fiction film in development and as a successful female commercial director she is active with the Women’s Steering Committee in the DGA to get more women working in the industry.

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Her art Website
Her director Website
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FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

Curse of the Sunset Starlet (Short)

She has directed hundreds of commercials and music videos for clients including MTV, CBS, NBC, Fox, FX, ABC, Disney, CNN among many otherds.

Bite-sized blog post: Gwen Arner

Gwen Arner

GWEN ARNER is a television director who also worked as an actor.

She directed for television and the stage for over twenty years. Back in 1996 in a Los Angeles Times article she commented about the prospect for women directing in film and theatre, “It’s opened up a lot now, but it’s still not as good as it should be. It just doesn’t make sense statistically. When you go into a university and [you see a] 50-50 [gender ratio] in all your creative classes and then you get out into the profession and the ratio drops dramatically, you know there’s something wrong. … It doesn’t have to do with a person’s talent or abilities.”

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Where to watch her films:

AMAZON (Streaming)




Read more about her:


Los Angeles Times

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV Series) (12 episodes)

Seeds of Doubt (1998)
Starting Over (1997)

 1995-1996C.P.W. (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Showgirls (1995)

 1996Homicide: Life on the Street (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1994The Cosby Mysteries (TV Series) (1 episode)

Mirror, Mirror (1994)

 1992-1993Sisters (TV Series) (4 episodes)

 1991-1993The Commish (TV Series) (4 episodes)

Video Vigilante (1992)
Skeletons (1992)

 1993Beverly Hills, 90210 (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1992Majority Rule (TV Movie)

 1991Law & Order (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Renunciation (1991)

 1991The Trials of Rosie O’Neill (TV Series) (1 episode)

Time Will Tell (1991)

 1990The Outsiders (TV Series) (1 episode)

Storm Warning (1990)

 1989-1990Alien Nation (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 1989Island Son (TV Series)

 1989Heartbeat (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1989Tattinger’s (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Broken Windows (1989)
 1988Necessary Parties (TV Movie)

 1988Hotel (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1982-1987Dynasty (TV Series) (11 episodes)

The Dress (1987)
The Surgery (1987)
Sideswiped (1986)
The Decision (1985)
The Californians (1985)

 1986The Colbys (TV Series) (4 episodes)

The Gala (1986)
The Honeymoon (1986)
 1986My Town (TV Movie)

 1982-1986Falcon Crest (TV Series) (9 episodes)

Conundrum (1986)
Coup d’Etat (1983)
Double Dealing (1983)
The Wages of Sin (1983)

 1984Dallas (TV Series) (6 episodes)

Barbecue Five (1984)
Shadows (1984)
Homecoming (1984)

 1984American Playhouse (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1983Fame (TV Series) (1 episode)

Star Quality (1983)

 1982King’s Crossing (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Home Front (1982)

 1981Nurse (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1979-1980Family (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 1977-1980The Waltons (TV Series) (13 episodes)

The Idol (1980)
The Wager (1979)
The Innocents (1979)
The Diploma (1979)

 1978The Paper Chase (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1978The Bionic Woman (TV Series) (1 episode)

Bite-sized blog post: Barbara Hammer

Barbara Hammer

Born in Hollywood BARBARA HAMMER’s grandfather was a cook for D.W.Griffith and she went on to direct experimental films exploring gender roles.

She has directed over forty films and videos and is considered among the first to create lesbian themed work in the United States.

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Where to watch her films:

PURCHASE DVDs on her website


Read more about her:


HAMMER!: Making Movies Out of Sex and Life by Barbara Hammer


Find her on Twitter
Her Website
Inside Out 2015 Women Directors: Meet Barbara Hammer – ‘Welcome to This House, a Film on Elizabeth Bishop’
Creative Capital

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2015Welcome to this House (Documentary)
 2011Maya Deren’s Sink (Video documentary short)
 2010/IIGenerations (Documentary)
 2007Diving Women of Jeju-do (Video documentary short)
 2007Fucking Different New York (segment “Villa Serbolloni”)
 2003Resisting Paradise (Documentary)
 2000History Lessons (Documentary)
 1998The Female Closet (Documentary)
 1996Tender Fictions (Documentary)
 1995Out in South Africa (Documentary)
 1992Nitrate Kisses (Documentary)
 1991Vital Signs (Short)
 1990Sanctus (Short)
 1989Hot Flash
 1989Still Point (Short)
 1988Endangered (Short)
 1987Place Mattes (Short)
 1986Snow Job
 1985Optic Nerve (Short)
 1985Tourist (Short)
 1984Parisian Blinds (Short)
 1983Bent Time (Short)
 1982Pond and Waterfall (Short)
 1981Pools (Short)
 1979Dream Age
 1979Women I Love (Short)
 1978Double Strength (Documentary short)
 1978Sappho (Short)
 1976Multiple Orgasm (Short)
 1974Dyketactics (Short)
 1974Sisters! (Documentary short)
 1973A Gay Day (Short)

Bite-sized blog post: Courtney Hunt


Courtney Hunt

COURNEY HUNT went to law school before attending Columbia film school and used her legal background to work and pay for film school.

Her first feature film Frozen River (2008) won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

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Where to watch her films:

AMAZON (Streaming)


Read more about her:


Little Miss Darkness – Courtney Hunt’s first film won Sundance, but it’s hardly cute.
Director Courtney Hunt Begins Shooting Follow-Up to Frozen River
Under the Radar Interview
Time Out

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2011-2013Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Presumed Guilty (2013)
True Believers (2011)

 2009-2010In Treatment (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Adele: Week Five (2010)
Mia: Week Seven (2009)

Bite-sized blog post: Darnell Martin

Darnell Martin

DARNELL MARTIN was rejected three times from NYU film school before finally attending to get her MFA. While not getting into NYU she was working on sets and finally was accepted after a personal recommendation from Spike Lee who she worked with as an AC on Do The Right Thing.

Martin is touted as the first African American female to direct a studio film with her first feature I Like It Like That (1994). She has gone on to direct the feature film Cadillac Records (2008) and an adaptation of Zora Neal Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God (2005) as well as numerous television series.

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Where to watch her films:

AMAZON (Streaming)


Read more about her:


New York Times
Entertainment Weekly
Darnell Martin Has Looked At Racial Issues From Both Sides
The Madlab Post

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

Grimm (TV Series) (4 episodes)
Wesen Nacht (2015)
The Bottle Imp (2012)
The Thing with Feathers (2012)
BeeWare (2011)

 2014Unforgettable (TV Series) (1 episode)
Fire and Ice (2014)

 2013Wish You Well
 2013The Vampire Diaries (TV Series) (1 episode)
She’s Come Undone (2013)
 2013Chicago Fire (TV Series) (1 episode)
 2012Firelight (TV Movie)
 2011The Mentalist (TV Series) (1 episode)
The Red Mile (2011)
 2011Detroit 1-8-7 (TV Series) (1 episode)
Stone Cold (2011)
 2011The Lost Valentine (TV Movie)
 2010Happy Town (TV Series) (2 episodes)
Slight of Hand (2010)
 2002-2010Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series) (10 episodes)
Palimpsest (2010)
Bombshell (2007)
The War at Home (2006)
Wrongful Life (2006)
Shibboleth (2005)
Show all 10 episodes
 2003-2010Law & Order (TV Series) (5 episodes)
Crashers (2010)
By Perjury (2009)
Angelgrove (2008)
Absentia (2003)
 2010Gossip Girl (TV Series) (1 episode)
Dr. Estrangeloved (2010)
 2010Trauma (TV Series) (1 episode)
Tunnel Vision (2010)
 2010Mercy (TV Series) (1 episode)
We’re All Adults (2010)
 2008-2009Life on Mars (TV Series) (2 episodes)
 2008Cadillac Records
 2007Masters of Science Fiction (TV Mini-Series) (1 episode)
Little Brother (2007)
 2007Kidnapped (TV Series) (1 episode)
Front Page (2007)
 2006Saved (TV Series) (2 episodes)
Fog (2006)
A Day in the Life (2006)
 2006South Beach (TV Series) (1 episode)
I’m Not Your Baby (2006)
 2005Grey’s Anatomy (TV Series) (1 episode)
 2005Their Eyes Were Watching God (TV Movie)
 2003Soul Food (TV Series) (1 episode)
Shades of Grey (2003)
 2003Dragnet (TV Series) (2 episodes)
Redemption (2003)
 2002Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series) (1 episode)
Dolls (2002)
 1997ER (TV Series) (2 episodes)
Freak Show (1997)
Ground Zero (1997)
 1997Oz (TV Series) (3 episodes)
Plan B (1997)
Capital P (1997)
The Routine (1997)
 1996Homicide: Life on the Street (TV Series) (1 episode)
Sniper: Part 2 (1996)
 1992Suspect (Short)
 1991Samantha Fox: Just One Night (Video short)

Bite-sized blog post: Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen

DEBBIE ALLEN, a well-known dancer and choreographer, began directing regularly for television when starring in the series Fame in the eighties.

She continues to direct for television and the stage.

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Where to watch her films:



Read more about her:


Find her on Facebook
Find her on Twitter
Debbie Allen Dance Academy Website
Debbie Allen To Serve As Executive Producer/Director On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2015Survivor’s Remorse (TV Series) (1 episode)

Guts (2015)

 2014-2015Jane the Virgin (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Chapter Twenty (2015)
Chapter Four (2014)

 2014-2015Scandal (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Flesh and Blood (2014)

 2015Empire (TV Series) (1 episode)

Who I Am (2015)

 2014How to Get Away with Murder (TV Series) (1 episode)

He Has a Wife (2014)

 2014Witches of East End (TV Series) (1 episode)

Boogie Knight (2014)

 2013Let’s Stay Together (TV Series) (3 episodes)

The Other Doctor (2013)

 2013Army Wives (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2013The Client List (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2010-2011Hellcats (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Pledging My Love (2010)

 2009-2010My Parents, My Sister & Me (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Starting Over (2009)

 2008The Game (TV Series) (1 episode)

Oh, What a Night (2008)

 2005-2008Girlfriends (TV Series) (9 episodes)

Adapt to Adopt (2008)
Baghdad, My Bad (2007)

 2003-2007All of Us (TV Series) (44 episodes)

 2006I Was a Network Star (TV Movie documentary)

 2004-2006That’s So Raven (TV Series) (5 episodes)

Be Prepared (2006)
The Four Aces (2006)
A Goat’s Tale (2004)

 2003The Parkers (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2003The Twilight Zone (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2002Cool Women (TV Series documentary) (1 episode)

 2001PBS Hollywood Presents (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Old Settler (2001)
 2001The Old Settler (TV Movie)
 1998Linc’s (TV Series)

 1997-1998The Jamie Foxx Show (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 1997Between Brothers (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Big Three-Oh (1997)

 1988-1993A Different World (TV Series) (83 episodes)

College Kid (1993)
 1993Sinbad: Afros and Bellbottoms (TV Special documentary)
 1992The Boys (TV Movie)
 1992Stompin’ at the Savoy (TV Movie)
 1990Polly: Comin’ Home! (TV Movie)

 1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 1989Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color (TV Series) (1 episode)

Polly (1989)
 1989The Debbie Allen Special (TV Movie)

 1987-1988Family Ties (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Higher Love (1987)

 1984-1987Fame (TV Series) (11 episodes)

Stagefright (1986)
The Inheritance (1986)

 1987The Bronx Zoo (TV Series) (1 episode)

Lost and Found (1987)