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Ally Walker

ALLY WALKER received her degree in biochemsitry from UC Santa Cruz and was preparing for medical school (similar to Dorothy Arzner) before moving into film and television. Most of her career has been dedicated to work in front of the camera as an actor but in 2005 she released her directorial debut, the documentary For Norman Wherever You Are inspired by her experience trying to navigate the social care system in Los Angeles in order to help a baby and his mother.

Her narrative feature film Sex, Death and Bowling (2015) premiered at the San Diego Film Festival and is distributed in the US by Monterey Media.

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VIDEO: Interview 1
VIDEO: Interview 2
Interview 1
Monterey Media Acquires Ally Walker’s Debut Feature ‘Sex, Death and Bowling’

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2005For Norman: Wherever You Are (Documentary)

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