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ROXANN DAWSON broke out as Lieutenant B’Elanna Torres in Star Trek before launching her successful career as a director.

Dawson has also written plays and co-written a trilogy of science fiction novels.

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Roxann Dawson on “Mercy Street” and directing
Roxann Dawson Satisfied With Star Trek Voyager – Says No Chance For Reunion

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

Chance (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2016Good Girls Revolt (TV Series) (1 episode)

Exposé (2016)

 2016The Path (TV Series) (2 episodes)

The Shore (2016)
Refugees (2016)

 2016Rosewood (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2016Colony (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Zero Day (2016)
Broussard (2016)

 2016Mercy Street (TV Series) (3 episodes)

The Uniform (2016)
The Haversack (2016)
The New Nurse (2016)

 2015Aquarius (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2014-2015Bates Motel (TV Series) (2 episodes)

The Pit (2015)

 2013-2015Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Ragtag (2014)
Eye Spy (2013)

 2015Bosch (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2014Hell on Wheels (TV Series) (1 episode)

Thirteen Steps (2014)

 2014Stalker (TV Series) (1 episode)

Phobia (2014)

 2014Matador (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2013-2014Major Crimes (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Cutting Loose (2014)
Final Cut (2013)

 2014Believe (TV Series) (1 episode)

Sinking (2014)

 2014Rake (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2014Revolution (TV Series) (1 episode)

Dreamcatcher (2014)

 2013Under the Dome (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Fourth Hand (2013)

 2012-2013Smash (TV Series) (2 episodes)

The Phenomenon (2013)
Tech (2012)

 2012-2013Vegas (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Past Lives (2013)
Solid Citizens (2012)

 2013Touch (TV Series) (1 episode)

Reunions (2013)

 2011-2012Treme (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Feels Like Rain (2011)

 2012Scandal (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 2010-2012The Good Wife (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Pants on Fire (2012)
Getting Off (2011)
On Tap (2010)

 2010-2012The Mentalist (TV Series) (3 episodes)

At First Blush (2012)
Bloodsport (2011)
Red All Over (2010)

 2012Prime Suspect (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2008-2011The Closer (TV Series) (4 episodes)

Heart Attack (2010)
Half Load (2009)
Split Ends (2008)

 2011The Cape (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Lich: Part 2 (2011)

 2010Rizzoli & Isles (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2010Lie to Me (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2010Caprica (TV Series) (1 episode)

End of Line (2010)

 2007-2010Heroes (TV Series) (3 episodes)

 2009Melrose Place (TV Series) (1 episode)

Shoreline (2009)

 2009Hawthorne (TV Series) (1 episode)

Night Moves (2009)

 2005-2009Cold Case (TV Series) (8 episodes)

The Brush Man (2009)
Glory Days (2008)
World’s End (2007)

 2004-2007Crossing Jordan (TV Series) (12 episodes)

Crash (2007)
Hubris (2007)
Retribution (2007)
Death Goes On (2005)

 2006The O.C. (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Journey (2006)

 2006Lost (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Long Con (2006)

 2006Close to Home (TV Series) (1 episode)

Privilege (2006)

 2005Medical Investigation (TV Series) (1 episode)

Half Life (2005)

 2001-2004Star Trek: Enterprise (TV Series) (10 episodes)

Awakening (2004)
Chosen Realm (2004)
Exile (2003)

 2003-2004The Division (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Diagnosis (2003)

 2003Charmed (TV Series) (1 episode)

Lucky Charmed (2003)

 2002Any Day Now (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1999-2001Star Trek: Voyager (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Riddles (1999)

 2001The Heartbreak Cafe (TV Series) (1 episode)

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