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Deborah Kampmeier

DEBORAH KAMPMEIER made her first film Virgin (2003) with a budget of only $65,000.00 thanks to digital technology and to actress Robin Wright who agreed to take part in the film despite the lack of a big budget because she loved the script and knew and respected Kampmeier. The film went on to critical acclaim and to receive the accolades of audiences.

Kampmeier’s second film Hounddog (2007) was plagued with controversy due to a rape scene involving the then 12 year old Dakota Fanning. The scene  in no way exploited Fanning due to the way in which it was shot but the controversy eclipsed the reality and ignored the horror of the story being told which is a reality for many young girls and focused on the fictional circumstances of the actress playing the scene. Kampmeier teaches acting in NYC and continues to direct.

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