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  1. My name is Megan Freels. I am a filmmaker and I wanted to reach out to you because my film REBOUND is premiering tonight at the Downtown Independent. The Red Carpet starts at 9:00pm and Press Check in is at 8:30pm.

    I am sorry to contact you guys about this last minute.

    If you would prefer to contact my publicist directly, her name is Melanie Marquez and she is with M4PR. Her number is 626-833-6790

    I have been a producer for 10 years with modest success in film and TV. My grandfather was Elmore Leonard and I started out producing adaptations of his material. However, I love horror and thrillers. My next film has Eric England (Contracted) directing with the producers of the Pyramid. That being said, I have also started directing myself with my first film being REBOUND.

    REBOUND is a horror / film noir in the vein of retro thrillers from the 70s.

    Below is the trailer.

    I would love it if you or someone on your staff could come to the Premiere. There will be actors from the film, television actors and some other filmmakers as well.

    Thanks so much! Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Megan Freels


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