Bite-sized blog post: Lois Weber

Lois Weber behind the camera

Universal Studios had nine women directors on their studio lot in the nineteen teens including one of the most highly paid and successful directors (male or female) of the time, LOIS WEBER (1879-1939).

She directed social dramas with an insight to the realities suffered by women. Where Are My Children?, an early feature film directed by Weber, tackled the controversial subject of birth control.

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Read more about her:

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Lois Weber: The Director Who Lost Her Way in History by Anthony Slide. Westport: Greenwood Press, 1996.
Ms. Magazine – Forgotten Women of Film History: Lois Weber
National Women’s History Museum
Women’s Film Pioneer Project

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 1927 Topsy and Eva (uncredited)
 1921 The Blot
 1919 Forbidden
 1919 Home
 1919 Mary Regan
 1917 The Boyhood He Forgot (Short)
 1916 The Gilded Life (Short)
 1916 The Rock of Riches (Short)
 1916 Under the Spell (Short)
 1916 Idle Wives (Short)
 1916 Shoes
 1916 Where Are My Children? (uncredited)
 1916 The Dance of Love (Short)
 1916 The Flirt (Short)
 1916 Discontent (Short)
 1915 Jewel (uncredited)
 1915 Scandal
 1915 Betty in Search of a Thrill (co-director)
 1915 Sunshine Molly (Short)
 1915 Hypocrites (uncredited)
 1914 Helping Mother (Short)
 1914 The Traitor (Short)
 1914 Daisies (Short)
 1914 Behind the Veil (Short)
 1914 Plain Mary (Short)
 1914 Lost by a Hair (Short)
 1914 The Pursuit of Hate (Short)
 1914 Closed Gates (Short)
 1914 The Stone in the Road (Short)
 1914 Avenged (Short)
 1914 The Triumph of Mind (Short)
 1914 An Episode (Short)
 1914 On Suspicion (Short)
 1914 The Man Who Slept (Short)
 1914 The Baby’s Doll (Short)
 1914 In the Days of His Youth (Short)
 1914 The Spider and Her Web (Short)
 1914 A Modern Fairy Tale (Short)
 1914 The Weaker Sister (Short)
 1914 Woman’s Burden (Short)
 1914 An Old Locket (Short)
 1914 The Coward Hater (Short)
 1914 The Leper’s Coat (Short)
 1914 A Fool and His Money (Short)
 1913 The Wife’s Deceit (Short)
 1913 The Jew’s Christmas (Short)
 1913 The Mask (Short)
 1913 James Lee’s Wife (Short)
 1913 The Blood Brotherhood (Short)
 1913 The Haunted Bride (Short)
 1913 Two Thieves and a Cross (Short)
 1913 The Clue (Short)
 1913 The Thumb Print (Short)
 1913 Memories (Short)
 1913 Shadows of Life (Short)
 1913 His Brand (Short)
 1913 Never Again (Short)
 1913 The Light Woman (Short)
 1913 Just in Time (Short)
 1913 Civilized and Savage (Short)
 1913 The Fallen Angel (Short)
 1913 How Men Propose (Short) (uncredited)
 1913 Through Strife (Short)
 1913 Suspense (Short)
 1913 The Pretender (Short)
 1913 The King Can Do No Wrong (Short)
 1913 The Trifler (Short)
 1913 The Cap of Destiny (Short)
 1913 The Poverty of Riches (Short)
 1913 The Rosary (Short)
 1913 The Dragon’s Breath (Short)
 1913 A Book of Verses (Short)
 1913 Until Death (Short)
 1913 Bobby’s Baby (Short)
 1913 The Peacemaker (Short)
 1913 An Empty Box (Short)
 1913 Troubled Waters (Short)
 1913 In the Blood (Short)
 1913 Two Thieves (Short)
 1913 His Sister (Short)
 1912 Leaves in the Storm (Short)
 1912 Faraway Fields (Short)
 1912 A Japanese Idyll (Short)
 1912 An Old Fashioned Girl (Short)
 1912 The Greater Christian (Short)
 1912 The Lash of Fate (Short)
 1912 The Greater Love (Short)
 1912 The Power of Thought (Short)
 1912 The Price of Peace (Short)
 1912 Eyes That See Not (Short)
 1912 The Final Pardon (Short)
 1912 The Bargain (Short)
 1912 Fine Feathers (Short)
 1912 Angels Unaware (Short)
 1911 The Martyr (Short)
 1911 A Breach of Faith (Short)
 1911 Fate (Short)
 1911 On the Brink (Short)
 1911 The Realization (Short)
 1911 The Heiress (Short)
 1911 A Heroine of ’76 (Short)