Bite-sized blog post: Maggie Greenwald

Maggie Greenwald

Unlike many up -and-coming filmmakers in the 1980s who went the film school route MAGGIE GREENWALD learned the ropes of filmmaking directly through working on sets, driving vans, editing and exposing herself to the ins-and-outs of the industry before making her first feature Home Remedy (1987).

Her film noir The Kill-Off (1989) based on the novel by Jim Thompson is listed as one of the top 100 American Independent Films by the British Film Institute. Greenwald went on to direct The Ballad of Little Joe (1993) taking over the traditionally male-genre of the Western and putting a woman at the center of it and she continues to direct films and for television.

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FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2011Good Morning, Killer (TV Movie)
 2005Wildfire (TV Series) (1 episode)
The Party (2005)
 2003Comfort and Joy (TV Movie)
 2003Tempted (TV Movie)
 2002Get a Clue (TV Movie)
 2001What Makes a Family (TV Movie)
 1996-1997The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo (TV Series) (9 episodes)
Inspector 34 (1994)
Sick Day (1994)

Sometimes the best feminists are men…

I have to give a shout out to two of the men who helped make the Directed by Women – Short and Fun in NYC event happen. Eric Rice who made the program, Facebook banner image and helped coordinate – and Jesse Deganis Librera who shot our Q&A for us.

So there’s the negative aspect of the title of this blog post which is that, as much as I would like to think it’s not true, women can often undermine each other. But that’s a blog post in and of itself.

Group photo

And events like the Directed by Women series provide a wonderful counterpoint to that story. I have had nothing but incredible interactions with the talented women who took part in the screening series – and am inspired by Barbara Ann O’Leary’s endeavor and all of the women and men she has gathered to make this all happen.

So now for a few of the men in the equation…

Michael Nazarewycz with the MOT Film Society has put together a screening series to celebrate – check it out –

Eric Rice who helped us put on the Directed by Women – Short and Fun in NYC event has a project where he watches movies by female filmmakers and puts them out there on the twittersphere with #shecandowhatyoucando. Take part in this celebration by checking out the hastag via twitter and watch some of those movies. He has some features but many are shorts (some from established directors, some up and coming or lesser known gems). A great way to celebrate works Directed by Women.