Bite-sized blog post: Tracy Lynch Britton

Tracy Lynch Britton

Nicknamed “Boom Boom Britton” by her crew for her love of action sequences, TRACY LYNCH BRITTON was the first woman to direct for Baywatch.

She made her directorial debut with the low-budget thriller Maximum Breakout (1991) and continues to direct for television and has features in development!

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FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

Dr. Phil (TV Series) (4 episodes)

Silent Darkness (2007)
Are You a Bitch? (2006)

 2002Ocean Ave. (TV Series) (1 episode)

Episode #1.1 (2002)

 1999Melrose Place (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1998Baywatch (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1997Baywatch Nights (TV Series) (1 episode)

A Thousand Words (1997)

 1996The Girlie Show (TV Series documentary) (3 episodes)

Episode #1.3 (1996)
Episode #1.2 (1996)
Episode #1.1 (1996)
 1991Americans Most Wanted (Video)

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