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Tiffany Shlain

TIFFANY SHLAIN has directed numerous documentary shorts and a feature documentary exploring her interest in technology Connected: An Autoblogography About Love, Death & Technology and a TV series exploring the same topic.

Shlain also has been nominated for an Emmy and  founded the Webby Awards.

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TIFFANY SHLAIN — Growing Up the Internet
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FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2015The Adaptable Mind (Documentary short)
 2015The Making of a Mensch (Documentary short)
 2014ParenTechnology (Documentary short)
 2014Punk Rock Diplomacy (Documentary short)
 2014Robots, Botox, & Google Glass (Documentary short)
 2014The Photosynthesis of Social Media (Documentary short)
 2014TransBoom (Documentary short)

 2013-2014The Future Starts Here (TV Series documentary short) (16 episodes)

Creative Bondage (2014)
ParenTechnology (2014)
TransBoom (2014)
 2014A Case for Dreaming (Video documentary short)
 2013A Case for Optimism (Documentary short)
 2013Motherhood Remixed (Documentary short)
 2013Participatory Revolution (Documentary short)
 2013Technology Shabbats (Documentary short)
 2013The Science of Character (Documentary short)
 2013The Creative Process in 10 Acts (Documentary short)
 2013Facing the Future (Short)
 2013Idea Porn (Short)
 2013Tech Etiquette (Documentary short)
 2013Why We Love Robots (Video documentary short)
 2012Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks (Documentary short)
 2012/IIEngage (Short)
 2011A Declaration of Interdependence (Video documentary short)
 2005The Tribe (Documentary short)

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