Bite-sized blog post: Gillian Armstrong

Gillian Armstrong

Australian director GILLIAN ARMSTRONG after several successful films in Australia directed the Hollywood film Little Women (1994) starring Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Susan Sarandon and Christian Bale.

I think there is still a misconception that all directors are Cecil B. De Mille types with a loud voice and a whip. Perhaps maybe that’s why there’s always been some puzzlement about a woman in the director’s role.

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FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2010Love, Lust & Lies (Documentary)
 1996Not Fourteen Again (Documentary)
 1988Bingo, Bridesmaids & Braces (Documentary)
 1987High Tide
 1986Hard to Handle: Bob Dylan in Concert (Video documentary)
 1985Decade of Women (Short)
 1983Having a Go (Documentary)
 1980Touch Wood (Short)
 1976Smokes and Lollies (Documentary short)
 1973Gretel (Short)
 1973One Hundred a Day (Short)
 1973Satdee Night (Short)
 1971Roof Needs Mowing (Short)
 1970Old Man and Dog (Short)