Bite-sized blog post: Joan Tewkesbury


JOAN TEWKESBURY has worked in theater, film and television as a dancer, choreographer, actress, writer, director and producer.

She wrote several screenplays for Robert Altman before directing her first feature Old Boyfriends (1979) which was released by Embassy Pictures. She went on to direct for various television shows.

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Find her on Facebook
Interview Magazine
Filmmaker Magazine Interview
BOMB Magazine

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

The Guardian (TV Series) (6 episodes)

The Line (2003)
The Next Life (2002)
The Chinese Wall (2002)

 1999Chicago Hope (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Golden Hour (1999)

 1998Felicity (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Spooked (1998)
 1998Scattering Dad (TV Movie)

 1997-1998Nothing Sacred (TV Series) (2 episodes)

House of Rage (1997)
 1994On Promised Land (TV Movie)

 1990-1992Doogie Howser, M.D. (TV Series) (3 episodes)

TV or Not TV (1990)

 1992Picket Fences (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Snake Lady (1992)

 1992Northern Exposure (TV Series) (1 episode)

On Your Own (1992)
 1992Strangers (TV Movie) (segment “Windows”)
 1991Wild Texas Wind (TV Movie)

 1991Shannon’s Deal (TV Series) (1 episode)

Trouble (1991)
 1990Sudie and Simpson (TV Movie)
 1989Cold Sassy Tree (TV Movie)

 1989CBS Summer Playhouse (TV Series) (1 episode)

Elysian Fields (1989)

 1986Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Canary Sedan (1986)
 1981The Acorn People (TV Movie)
 1979The Tenth Month (TV Movie)

Bite-sized blog post: Ambika Leigh


AMBIKA LEIGH graduated from Los Angeles Film School and was awarded the “Woman to Watch” Award from Women in Media.

She works as an editor, producer and director and started her company On Purpose Pictures to tell stories of all kinds.

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Her Website
Find her on Twitter
We Make Movies Interview
Switchboard Interview

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2016Bar Tricks (supervising director) (completed)

 2014Broad Strokes (TV Series) (8 episodes)

Too Late (2014)
Fool Proof (2014)
The Handoff (2014)
Third Date (2014)
#gynothankyou (2014)

 2014WMM Sketch Show (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Bad News (2014)
 2014Broad Strokes (Short)
 2014Don’t Ask Nancy (TV Series)
 2014/IThe Audition (Short)

 2012-2013Craft Ladies (TV Series) (8 episodes)

Etsy (2013)
Baking (2013)
Corking (2013)
Tie-Dye (2013)
Vision Boards (2012)

Bite-sized blog post: Gail Mancuso

Gail Mancuso

GAIL MANCUSO began her career as a script supervisor and has gone on to direct over 100 episodes of television.

She has twice won an Emmy for directing episodes of Modern Family (2013 & 2014).


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AMAZON (Streaming)



Read more about her:


Gail Mancuso To Direct Shondaland ABC Comedy Pilot ‘Toast’
TV director has real ‘Modern Family’ in River Forest
Talking Modern Family with director Gail Mancuso

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2016Black-ish (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2016The Grinder (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2015Take It from Us (TV Movie)

 2010-2015Modern Family (TV Series) (22 episodes)

White Christmas (2015)
She Crazy (2015)
Spring Break (2015)

 2015Fresh Off the Boat (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Huangsgiving (2015)
Success Perm (2015)

 2015Your Family or Mine (TV Series) (1 episode)

Pilot (2015)

 2013-2015Ground Floor (TV Series) (12 episodes)

Unforgiven (2014)
Dynamic Duo (2014)

 2014-2015Cristela (TV Series) (4 episodes)

Hypertension (2015)
Dead Arm (2015)
Floor Favor (2014)
Enter Singing (2014)
 2015How We Live (TV Movie) (attached)

 2013Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Teddy Trouble… (2013)
Dating Games… (2013)

 2007-2013Rules of Engagement (TV Series) (17 episodes)

The Power Couple (2011)
Zygote (2011)
Jeff Day (2011)

 20131600 Penn (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2013Adopted (TV Movie)

 2012Ben and Kate (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Fox Hunt (2012)

 2012Suburgatory (TV Series) (1 episode)

Entering Eden (2012)

 2012Are You There, Chelsea? (TV Series) (12 episodes)

Surprise (2012)
Boots (2012)
The Foodie (2012)
Fired (2012)

 2012Happy Endings (TV Series) (1 episode)

Big White Lies (2012)
 2012Downwardly Mobile (TV Movie)

 2011Mad Love (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Friends (2011)

 2009-2011Cougar Town (TV Series) (5 episodes)

No Reason to Cry (2011)
Counting on You (2010)

 2010$#*! My Dad Says (TV Series) (5 episodes)

Dog Ed Pursuit (2010)
Wi-Fight (2010)

 2010Outsourced (TV Series) (1 episode)

Party of Five (2010)

 2010Chuck (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2010Community (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2010Hank (TV Series) (1 episode)

Dog (2010)

 2006-201030 Rock (TV Series) (8 episodes)

Klaus and Greta (2010)
Sun Tea (2009)
Cutbacks (2009)
Gavin Volure (2008)

 2009Accidentally on Purpose (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2009The Middle (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2009Better Off Ted (TV Series) (1 episode)

Get Happy (2009)

 2009In the Motherhood (TV Series) (1 episode)

Bully (2009)

 2009Kath & Kim (TV Series) (1 episode)

Desire (2009)

 2008Happy Hour (TV Series) (2 episodes)

The T-Shirt (2008)

 2008The Return of Jezebel James (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2008Five Year Plan (TV Movie)

 2007My Name Is Earl (TV Series) (1 episode)

Burn Victim (2007)

 2007Aliens in America (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2007Cavemen (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2007The Singles Table (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Work Dinner (2007)

 2006Men in Trees (TV Series) (1 episode)

Sink or Swim (2006)

 2006Teachers. (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Schoolympics (2006)
Field Trip (2006)

 2006Out of Practice (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2006Nobody’s Watching (TV Movie)
 2006Thick and Thin (TV Series)

 2005Stacked (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Ex-Appeal (2005)

 2005Rodney (TV Series) (3 episodes)

The Ring (2005)
Tassels (2005)

 2005Jake in Progress (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2005Living with Fran (TV Series) (3 episodes)

The Concert (2005)
Riley’s Ex (2005)
Carriage Ride (2005)
 2004The Men’s Room (TV Series)

 2004Joey (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 2003-2004Married to the Kellys (TV Series) (8 episodes)

The Plan (2004)
Talk Radio (2004)

 2004The Tracy Morgan Show (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Weird Science (2004)
 2003Run of the House (TV Series)

 2003The Mullets (TV Series) (1 episode)

Smackdown (2003)

 2001-2003Gilmore Girls (TV Series) (5 episodes)

Lost and Found (2002)

 2001-2003Becker (TV Series) (9 episodes)

Chris’ Ex (2003)
Once Upon a Time (2003)
Chris-Mess (2002)

 2003My Big Fat Greek Life (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Greek Easter (2003)
Nick Moves Out (2003)
Big Night (2003)

 2003A.U.S.A. (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 2001-2003Reba (TV Series) (7 episodes)

Proud Reba (2002)

 2002In-Laws (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2002Family Affair (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2001Inside Schwartz (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Roommates (2001)

 2001Three Sisters (TV Series) (4 episodes)

Sister Break (2001)
The New Guy (2001)

 1999-2001Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (TV Series) (7 episodes)

Disco Nights (2000)
Love Shack (2000)

 2001The Fighting Fitzgeralds (TV Series) (1 episode)

One Angry Man (2001)

 1997-2001Dharma & Greg (TV Series) (28 episodes)

Do the Hustle (2001)
Midwife Crisis (2000)
The Dating Game (1999)

 2000-2001Yes, Dear (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Arm-prins (2000)
Jimmy Gets a Job (2000)
 2000The Weber Show (TV Series) (multiple episodes)

 2000Then Came You (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1999-2000Ladies Man (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Aloha Christmas (1999)
 1999Square One (TV Series)

 1999Stark Raving Mad (TV Series) (5 episodes)

The Dance (1999)
The Lyin’ King (1999)

 1999Norm (TV Series) (1 episode)

My Name Is Norm (1999)

 1999Jesse (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1998Conrad Bloom (TV Series) (2 episodes)

The Spazz Singer (1998)

 1998The King of Queens (TV Series) (1 episode)

Cello, Goodbye (1998)
 1998Babes in the Wood (TV Series)
 19981973 (TV Movie)

 1997-1998Ellen (TV Series) (7 episodes)

Hospital (1998)
Neighbors (1998)
Like a Virgin (1997)
Emma (1997)

 1998Just Shoot Me! (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1997The Tony Danza Show (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Wired (1997)

 1997Suddenly Susan (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Family Affairs (1997)

 1997Ink (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Debutante (1997)

 1997The Single Guy (TV Series) (1 episode)

Vegas Finale (1997)

 1997The Naked Truth (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1996Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Dream Date (1996)
 1996Mr. Rhodes (TV Series)

 1996Hudson Street (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Family Album (1996)
The Retreat (1996)

 1991-1996Roseanne (TV Series) (51 episodes)

Heart & Soul (1996)
The Wedding (1996)
Ballroom Blitz (1996)

 1995Almost Perfect (TV Series) (2 episodes)

My Way (1995)

 1995New York Daze (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1994The Nanny (TV Series) (6 episodes)

A Star Is Unborn (1994)
The Playwright (1994)
The Gym Teacher (1994)

 1994Herman’s Head (TV Series) (1 episode)

 1994Monty (TV Series) (1 episode)

East Side Story (1994)

 1993Joe’s Life (TV Series) (1 episode)

Mind If I Smoke? (1993)

 1992-1993Camp Wilder (TV Series) (4 episodes)

Career Day (1993)
A Close Shave (1992)
Jung at Heart (1992)
Boy Loses Girl (1992)

Bite-sized blog post: Lesli Linka Glatter

Leslie Linka Glatter

LESLI LINKA GLATTER was a graduate of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women in 1984 and went on to Academy Award nominations and Emmy wins.

On Homeland Glatter was not only a regular director but also a producer.

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Where to watch her films:

AMAZON (Streaming)



Read more about her:


Find her on Twitter
‘Homeland’ Exec Producer Lesli Linka Glatter on TV Diversity: Nothing’s Changed in 25 Years
Huffington Post

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

Six (TV Mini-Series) (2 episodes) (filming)

Episode #1.2 (2017)
Pilot (2017)

 2012-2015Homeland (TV Series) (13 episodes)

A False Glimmer (2015)
Oriole (2015)
Long Time Coming (2014)
Shalwar Kameez (2014)
The Drone Queen (2014)
The Star (2013)
Still Positive (2013)

 2013-2015Ray Donovan (TV Series) (2 episodes)

New Birthday (2013)

 2014The Leftovers (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2013Masters of Sex (TV Series) (1 episode)

Fallout (2013)

 2012-2013The Newsroom (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Willie Pete (2013)

 2013Justified (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Hatchet Tour (2013)

 2013The Walking Dead (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Suicide King (2013)

 2012Last Resort (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2012Nashville (TV Series) (1 episode)

Move It on Over (2012)

 2012Boss (TV Series) (1 episode)

Ablution (2012)

 2010-2012True Blood (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Sunset (2012)
Night on the Sun (2010)

 2012Lauren (TV Series) (3 episodes)

The Suck (2012)
The Third Man (2012)
The Report (2012)

 2010-2012Pretty Little Liars (TV Series) (3 episodes)

unmAsked (2012)
Pilot (2010)
 2011Grace (TV Movie)

 2011The Playboy Club (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2011The Chicago Code (TV Series) (2 episodes)

The Gold Coin Kid (2011) … (as Leslie Linka Glatter)

 2009-2010Lie to Me (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Unchained (2009)

 2007-2010Mad Men (TV Series) (6 episodes)

The Benefactor (2008)
5G (2007)

 2010The Good Wife (TV Series) (1 episode)

Boom (2010)

 2007-2009House M.D. (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Wilson (2009)
The Greater Good (2009)
You Don’t Want to Know (2007) … (as Lesli Glatter)

 2009The Mentalist (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Red Scare (2009)
Crimson Casanova (2009)

 2009Weeds (TV Series) (1 episode)

Su-Su-Sucio (2009)

 2009The Unit (TV Series) (1 episode)

Endgame (2009)

 1995-2008ER (TV Series) (13 episodes)

The High Holiday (2008)
Out on a Limb (2006)
Fear (2004)
Get Carter (2004)
Flight of Fancy (2000)
The Domino Heart (2000)
Vanishing Act (1998)

 2008The Starter Wife (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2008Swingtown (TV Series) (1 episode)

Friends with Benefits (2008) … (as Lesli Glatter)

 2007Journeyman (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2007Heroes (TV Series) (1 episode)

Chapter Five ‘Fight or Flight’ (2007) … (as Lesli Glatter)

 2007Heartland (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2006Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2006The Closer (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Other Woman (2006)

 2006The Evidence (TV Series) (1 episode)

Stringers (2006)

 2002-2006The West Wing (TV Series) (8 episodes)

Impact Winter (2004)
Full Disclosure (2004)
Abu el Banat (2003)
Disaster Relief (2003)
Election Night (2002)

 2005Grey’s Anatomy (TV Series) (1 episode)

Let It Be (2005)

 2005Revelations (TV Mini-Series) (2 episodes)

Hour Six (2005)
Hour Five (2005)

 2005Jonny Zero (TV Series) (1 episode)

 2005Numb3rs (TV Series) (1 episode)

Prime Suspect (2005)

 2005The O.C. (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Family Ties (2005) … (as Lesli Glatter)
 2003Newton (TV Movie)

 2002Presidio Med (TV Series) (1 episode)

Do No Harm (2002)

 2000-2002Gilmore Girls (TV Series) (5 episodes)

Rory’s Dance (2000)
Pilot (2000)
 2002In My Life (TV Movie)
 2001The Big House (TV Movie)

 1999-2001Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Sacrifice (2001)
A Single Life (1999)

 2001Citizen Baines (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Appraisal (2001)

 2001Third Watch (TV Series) (1 episode)

True Love (2001)

 2000Freaks and Geeks (TV Series) (2 episodes)

 1998Buddy Faro (TV Series) (1 episode)

Touched by an Amnesiac (1998) … (as Lesli Glatter)

 1998Brooklyn South (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Gay Avec (1998)

 1996Murder One (TV Series) (1 episode)

Chapter Eighteen (1996)

 1994NYPD Blue (TV Series) (2 episodes)

A Sudden Fish (1994)
 1994State of Emergency (TV Movie)
 1994Birdland (TV Series)
 1993Black Tie Affair (TV Series)

 1992On the Air (TV Series) (2 episodes)

Episode #1.5 (1992)
Episode #1.2 (1992)

 1990-1991Twin Peaks (TV Series) (4 episodes)

Episode #2.16 (1991)
Episode #2.6 (1990)
Episode #2.3 (1990)
Episode #1.6 (1990)

 1990Brewster Place (TV Series) (1 episode)

Gone Fishing (1990)

 1988Vietnam War Story (TV Series) (1 episode)

The Promise (1988)
 1987Into the Homeland (TV Movie)

 1986-1987Amazing Stories (TV Series) (3 episodes)

Without Diana (1987)

Bite-sized blog post: Lori Precious

Lori Precious

LORI PRECIOUS began her career as a visual artist before moving into directing commercials and has gone on to direct hundreds of them with high profile talent.

She has a narrative fiction film in development and as a successful female commercial director she is active with the Women’s Steering Committee in the DGA to get more women working in the industry.

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Where to watch her films:


Read more about her:


Her art Website
Her director Website
Find her on Pinterest
Find her on LinkedIn
Find her on Twitter

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

Curse of the Sunset Starlet (Short)

She has directed hundreds of commercials and music videos for clients including MTV, CBS, NBC, Fox, FX, ABC, Disney, CNN among many otherds.

Bite-sized blog post: Anita W. Addison

Anita W. Addison

One of the first African American women to hold a senior producer position at a major television network ANITA W. ADDISON directed television for major television shows in the eighties and nineties.

Before taking on the network career she took film classes at NYU and attended UCLA at night in order to get her Masters – after she obtained a Masters in journalism from Columbia and analyzed data for Nielsen ratings for a small independent station. Her short film Savannah was nominated for an Academy Award in 1984.

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Where to watch her films:




Read more about her:

L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema by Allyson Field

Encyclopedia of Film and Television Directors by JerryRoberts


Los Angeles Times obituary

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2004Copshop (TV Movie) (segment “Blind Date”)
 2000Judging Amy (TV Series) (1 episode)
Zero to Sixty (2000) … (as Anita Addison)
 1999Deep in My Heart (TV Movie)
 1997EZ Streets (TV Series) (1 episode)
One Acquainted with the Night (1997)
 1995The Great Defender (TV Series) (1 episode)
Camille (1995)
 1995ER (TV Series) (1 episode)
 1993Sirens (TV Series)
 1991-1992Quantum Leap (TV Series) (2 episodes)
Ghost Ship – August 13, 1956 (1992) … (as Anita Addison)
Dreams – February 28, 1979 (1991) … (as Anita Addison)
 1992Homefront (TV Series) (1 episode)
That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles (1992) … (as Anita Addison)
 1991Sisters (TV Series) (1 episode)
Some Tuesday in July (1991) … (as Anita Addison)
 1990-1991Knots Landing (TV Series) (2 episodes)
My Bullet (1990)
 1990Freddy’s Nightmares (TV Series) (1 episode)
Life Sentence (1990) … (as Anita Addison)

Bite-sized blog post: Rachel Feldman

Rachel Feldman

RACHEL FELDMAN directed numerous television episodes and movies after moving to LA from NYC where she got her MFA at NYU and was a chair of the DGA Women’s Steering Committee.

She is currently in development on a bio pic about Lilly Ledbetter the woman who is the namesake for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act demanding equal pay for equal work!

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Where to watch her films:


Read more about her:


Find her on Facebook
Find her on Twitter
Her website
Women Directors in Hollywood article: Me and My Shadow
Lilly Ledbetter, Equal Pay Champion, Agrees to Biopic by Rachel Feldman

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2006-2007Beyond the Break (TV Series) (4 episodes)
The Sweaty Party (2007)
Oceans Eleven (2007)
The Big Hit (2006)
Vin, Lose, or Draw (2006)
 2003Lizzie McGuire (TV Series) (1 episode)
The Greatest Crush of All (2003)

1999-2002Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (TV Series) (11 episodes)
 2001She’s No Angel (TV Movie)
 1999The Jersey (TV Series)
 1997Silk Stalkings (TV Series) (1 episode)
Dirty Little Secrets (1997)
 1994-1996Sisters (TV Series) (4 episodes)
The Best Man (1996)
One Fine Day (1995)
Twilight Time (1994)
 1995University Hospital (TV Series) (1 episode)
You Can Run… (1995)
 1994Picket Fences (TV Series) (1 episode)
Elective Conduct (1994)
 1994Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV Series) (1 episode)
The Man in the Moon (1994)
 1993The Commish (TV Series) (4 episodes)
Dying Affection (1993)
Rising Sun (1993)
Stoned (1993)
 1993Post Modern Romance (TV Movie)
 1992Doogie Howser, M.D. (TV Series) (1 episode)
 1991Witchcraft III: The Kiss of Death (Video) (as R.L. Tillmans)
 1985True Confessions (TV Series)

Bite-sized blog post: Lynne Littman

Lynne Littman

LYNNE LITTMAN began her career as an investigative journalist and then won an Oscar for her short documentary Number Our Days (1976).

She then went on to direct the feature narrative Testament (1983) which was screened at Sundance and premiered at Telluride Film Festival. Her advocacy for women directors along with five other women and the DGA helped change the landscape for female filmmakers in Hollywood in the eighties and nineties.

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Where to watch her films:

AMAZON (Streaming)



Read more about her:


Interview about Testament
Film Directors Site
Lynne Littman Elected to Academy Board of Govs for Docu, Replaces Michael Apted
The Academy

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):

 2003Testament at 20 (Video documentary short)
 1999Freak City (TV Movie)
 1998Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Couples (TV Movie) (episode “Marie Taquet”)
 1993Oscar’s Tribute to Women in Movies (TV Movie documentary)
 1985In Her Own Time (Documentary)
 1976Number Our Days (Documentary short)

Bite-sized blog post: Nora Ephron

NORA EPHRON Film 'LUCKY NUMBERS' (2000) Directed By NORA EPHRON 24 October 2000 CTD10863 Allstar/Cinetext/PARAMOUNT PICTURES **WARNING** This photograph can only be reproduced by publications in conjunction with the promotion of the above film. For Editorial Use Only

Famous for her romantic comedies NORA EPHRON began as a writer and was nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Writer.

She directed iconic films including Sleepless in Seattle (1993) and You Got Mail (1998).

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Where to watch her films:



Read more about her:


The Hollywood Reporter
Nora Ephron’s dying secret
The New Yorker
New York Times Obituary

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):


Bite-sized blog post: Nancy Meyers

Nancy Meyers

NANCY MEYERS’ first job in Hollywood was as a production assistant on The Price is Right. She then started working as a story editor and wrote her first screenplay Private Benjamin (1980), starring Goldie Hawn.

The first film she wrote and directed was The Parent Trap (1998) – a remake of the 1961 film and she has gone on to make several Hollywood box office hits.

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Where to watch her films:




Read more about her:

Find her on Facebook
New York Magazine
‘The Intern’s Nancy Meyers On The State Of Screenwriting And “Telling Stories About Human Beings”
Nancy Meyers: ‘I don’t see a lot of movies about complicated women … I think it’s gotten worse’
Nancy Meyers on the Importance of Confidence and Why She’s a Writer At Heart
‘Intern’ director Nancy Meyers reflects on changes for working women and in Hollywood

FILMOGRAPHY (from imdb):